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  • AIR

    Cleanest Atmosphere. No factories, highways or megapolices for hundreds miles around


    Extra pure Water, soft and healing. The Well for drinking and Lake for bathing

  • FIRE

    Fireplace in every house and outdoors


    Rich pristine nature everywhere around us


    Cozy and comfortable log cottages far from noise and rush

Chalet of an Artist

Cozy log cottages for 2-4 persons just 70 meters from the lake with sleeping places in the loft upstairs, own equipment kitchenette, terrace and toilet. Shared shower.

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Chalet of an Artist with private bathroom

Cozy log cottages for 2-4 persons 50-70 meters from the lake with satellite TV, sleeping places in the loft, own equipment kitchenette, terrace, private shower and toilet.The terrace offers great lake or forest view.

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Eco-Art Villa with 2 bedrooms and sauna

Spacious and comfortable detached eco-cottage for 6+ persons with two bedrooms, panoramic lake view, own wood-fired sauna, sleeping loft, well-equipped kitchen, large terrace with dinning area, own place for BBQ, private toilet and bathroom.Villa built on ancient Karelian eco-technology from an aged few years in a forest deadwood pine-trees.

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Eco-Art Village is real and pure nature-power place located far from the cities surrounded by magnificent forests full of birds and animals on the lake with cleanest water and fish.

This is right place to recharge your energy, get rid of an ailments, return to a roots, clear chakras or create your true masterpiece if you are photographer, artist or a writer.Perfect for those who got tired of dirty routine megapolis life and longing for being in the ringing silence together with splendidly ecologically clean northern nature.Separately standing eco cottages are conveniently hidden in a forest. All of it are built according to old Finnish techniques with specially prepared during some years dead-wood pine. Due to unique breathable properties of a wood an atmosphere in the cottages is always comfortable even when all windows and doors are closed.The art-village has its own water-supply. Water here is absolutely clean and has healing effect. You can drink right from the tap. The lake water as well is very clean, since there is no motor boats or crowds. It is good for health to bath in it.Pure silence around could be broken only with a birdsongs or leaves rustling. Here is a great variety of birds, such as swans, cranes, geese, grouse, partridge, owls, hawks and many many others. Also here is many hares as well as other animals. Sometime you can watch a beaver at the lake, or meet fox or elk on the road ;)Here you'll be inspired for drawing, meditation, photography... and of course it’s right place for yoga.